Anna Diehl #fundie

If you want a useful prayer to pray, here it is:

“God, help me to get over myself and fully submit to You. I hate what You’ve done to me, I’m scared of You, and I can’t even picture liking or trusting You. But regardless of how I feel, You’re God Almighty, so what the heck am I doing trying to fight You? This is a war that I cannot win, and I own that I was a fool to even try. Please help me come up with the soul attitudes that You want from me. Make my submission to You real this time, and not a game. I don’t want to keep going through this. Maybe my circumstances will remain lousy, but I want to be able to know that I am in a good place with You. I’m not telling You what to do—instead, help me get better at having You tell me. Help me to accept what You give me, and fully release what You take away. You’re God, I’m not. Help me to embrace my proper place as Your creature who depends on You for all things.”



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