demexit #fundie

(About Lady Gaga's Superbowl performance)

The dancers are carrying devil horns at 6:10 and at 13:33 they all turn into erect penises. @4:37 gaga is holding the 6 sign and her dancers. If you look at the pentagrams there's upside down crosses in them. The first on the stage representing lucifer. There are two upright pentagrams and two upside down pentagrams on the stage. It represents as is above so below. All seeing eye at 9:00 which also formed the sun. The sun represents lucifer bringer of dawn.Two oblisks on stage marking symbols of power marking their political dominance in washington d.c. Inverted crosses on the pentagrams. The white and black checkered floor. The contrast between the black and white squares represents the duality between good and evil. The dancers @7:16 wearing mirrored jackets. The mirror is an important & reoccurring symbol in Monarch programming. The flames on the stage. The lightening bolt phone she used. The lighting bold represent Lucifer in Luke 18:10. This author is ignorant and needs to learn a little about god and lucifer.



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