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There is this assumption about pedophiles that we are all monsters, that we are all out to rape children. It is incorrect. There may be some bad apples, but the vast majority do not want this.
We enjoy children, it is easier for us to connect with them emotionally. We enjoy relationships with them. We do not want to hurt them (for most hurting a child is the last thing they'd do).
Most people attracted to another adult don't want to rape that person. They want the emotional and romantic attachment. Sex is part of that, but not the whole (and not even that big of a part).
Similarly most pedophiles (including myself) want a relationship with a child. We would not rape a child. The sexual attraction is part of it, but not a huge piece. There are a few bad apples in both groups. And with pedophiles consensual sex is still legally rape, which makes it easier to break the law.
Morally I think sex between an adult and child should be legal, as I believe a child is capable of consent (and there is plenty of evidence that many children are sexual). But I follow the law.
However, I do cuddle with children, hug them, tickle them, rough-house with them or hold their hands. There's mountains of evidence that touch is beneficial. As long as it is consensual (and I am very careful to make sure that it is) there is no harm - and plenty of benefit - from these activities. I'm not planning to molest a child (I'm not sexually attracted to many of the children I interact with), just doing things that we can both legally enjoy.



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