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The wimpy whites are ubiquitous. In our rapidly decaying, anti-Christian, consumerist, and post modernist cultures there is simply no escaping them. It bothers us deeply that most wimpy whites are also males. So where do they come from? But more importantly, are you one of them? Find out by answering either true or false to the questions posted below.

1. I prefer the great spirit, Buddhism, Hinduism and eastern spirituality to the Lord Jesus Christ: (T/F)

Most wimpy whites prefer the solipsistic and amoral spiritual systems of the orient to the supremely ethical teachings of Christ. When asked to produce something from these exotic traditions that even remotely compare to the ethical teachings of Matthew’s sermon on the mount, they go on a screed about slavery, genocide, and evil mighty whitey.

2. Trees are meant to be lived in and not cut down: (T/F)

While we do not like environmental degradation, the vanishing amazon, or Japan’s over-whaling, we do not think that Humans are blight upon the Earth. We are God’s chosen creation, and being a sentient species we occasionally engage Mother Nature in a game of tug o war. This means that we have to compromise with the old girl. Sometimes she cedes some turf to us, and sometimes we to her. We are not stewards of the Earth, we own this damn planet. It’s ours.

3. The world would be a better place if women ruled it:(T/F)

No it wouldn’t actually. While some women make good entrepreneurs and CEOs, even fewer are suited for the highest offices of our nations. Women and power simply don’t mix. Men have always served as the architects of civilization for they have always been adept at articulating the factual beliefs that underpin our moral structures. Superior civilizations postulated factual beliefs that are universal in nature. The only notable contribution that western women have made to our culture in recent decades is feminism; which aims to further women’s interests over men and is not universal in scope.

4. I think diversity is great as diversity of races equals diversity of perspectives and thought:(T/F)

Of all the unfounded myths this one is surely up there with geocentrism and the earth being supported on a column of tortoises. The simple fact is that homogeneity trumps diversity every single time. It is hard to synergize with people who have no access to your values. When John Stuart Mill famously wrote about diversity in his essay on Liberty, he was referring to diversity of thought, not ethnicity. Non white immigrants need to assimilate into western culture before synergy can occur.

If you’re a non assimilated non white person reading this, remember, if I can do it so can you! Meditate on oneness with whitey today!



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