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According to evolution, this butterfly evolved the owl's face to protect itself from predators. After all, owls scare away birds and other critters, don't they? Owls kill and eat those birds and other critters, don't they? So, here we have a non-intelligent animal - a butterfly - doing a pro-active act of copying the face of another predatory animal so the butterfly would not be killed and eaten. Having an owl's face evolve by itself on a butterfly without a demonstrated need for it - a need involving intelligence - just doesn't make much sense. But we will get the non-God excuses from Scienceland all the time, won't we?

Either the butterfly had to have the intelligence needed to realize that owls kill butterfly predators, or something with intelligence created the butterfly. And if science says there is no such thing as an intelligent designer, i.e. God, then how did fire, tools, the wheel, and Ford Pintos come to be? Isn't that intelligent design on a more limited scale?



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