AugustineThomas #fundie

People who regularly attend church are more educated than Secularists such as yourself. You guys watch pop culture, which is completely brain-dead entertainment. It’s hilarious for you fools to pretend to be intelligent. You can barely even pull of this attempt at a high-brow insult and I’m sure you were Googling to check if you were right or not.

It’s absolutely ridiculous for a Secularist Leftist who represents mediocre, illiterate pop culture to call out the intellectual abilities of others. You need to address the log in your own eye before criticizing the splinter in mine.

If I were you, I would worry about my pornography addiction and the other immorality that goes along with being a Secularist Leftist. That is why you guys have such a high rate of depression and suicide. Without God, you have no purpose in life except to engage in cheap pleasures that ultimately leave you empty and miserable.



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