Gerald R. Thompson #fundie

Similarly, when God itemizes the punishments for sexual offenses committed in Israel (Lev. 20:10-18), the injunction is nearly always that the wrongdoers "shall surely be put to death," removing any doubt that capital punishment is a requirement, not an option. This is the divine pattern - the way God operates. So if God expects all nations to punish sexual crimes, it is a duty, not a choice.

To sum up, all the sexual offenses listed in Lev. 18 (incest, lewdness, menstrual intercourse, adultery, homosexuality and bestiality) are public crimes. Since God has revealed these to be public crimes, man cannot decriminalize them, or downgrade them to merely private wrongs, much less can any nation turn such behavior into a protected civil right. Public enforcement via the exercise of civil power is a responsibility and duty for all nations.



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