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One of the most destructive political constructs in history is the ridiculously inane notion that 'integration' is desirable. Thinking people have always known integration is undesirable, unworkable, destructive. Most normal people of any age and ethnic/racial group naturally self segregate. People are naturally, understandably more comfortable with their own people. This is self evident , blindingly obvious. This is the way nature has hard wired humanity, the natural order of things. And yet, misguided, malignant government policies continue to impose destructive, unwanted forced integration policies with the misguided, discredited notion this will (somehow?) benefit a political 'protected class.' People naturally wish to avoid interacting with certain people, certain sub-cultures. Such self preservation is only natural. Most normal people only wish is to be left alone, to live with their own, to enjoy their natural freedom. Is this really asking too much? The insane integration paradigm is so 20th Century. We are done!



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