Thad Charles #racist

After looking at my past couple of paychecks I get more and more pissed off. Federal taxes, state taxes: going to fund Israel, jew wars, nigger welfare, spic welfare, importation of shitskins refugees. Then the shitskins and niggers use my money that I've paid through taxes to outbreed me

Medicare: Funding a bunch of old geezer assholes that sold out the generations beneath them. Beat my hero Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Didn't do a damn thing about illegal immigration, jew control of everything, Snival Wrongs act, etc. I'd just as soon see the fucktards die.

Social Security: See above. Old geezers getting what I've paid in and what I'll never see. Also funding the lives of disabled invalids

Then the other taxes of life: gas tax, sales tax, etc. I'm putting in far more than I'm getting out of work. It's gotten to the point where I might as well not even work anymore.

I'm funding my own genocide.

Bugger that. I'm seriously considering quitting my job and subsequently the workforce, forever. Sure, bring on the "You gots to have pride, White man! Work!" I don't give a shit about that. It's not worth it anymore. It physically pains me to think of my money earned going to niggers, jews, mudsharks, dotheads, guteaters, Pakis, Somalis, you name it.

Anyway the plan is to quit and try to live off the decent savings I have for as long as possible. For meals I'll be visiting soup kitchens and free sandwich trucks they have around here (already tried, it's not bad and it's free). I can definitely live on that. After I run out of cash, where do I sleep? Good question but who cares? At least I'm not funding my own extermination. I'd love to immigrate (legally of course! ) to Mexico and live off the grid but I'll make up plans as I go along.

The main thing is here's to one less White paying for his own genocide. I challenge others to think similarly.



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