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Claiming that satan will come back unless you forbid him, gives him leave to do so if you ever forget to do this. I once played that game with satan, but refuse to do so any longer. I have taken back those words and refuse to believe them. There are times when the Holy Spirit has told me to forbid any replacing demons in Jesus name, Yet for the most part, the battles I have faced, were not based on weather or not I forbid them to re-attack, but on the basis of commonly known warfare tactics. Generals in any war will keep using the same offensive weapon that is working. Once it no longer works, they look for another way to attack. When there is no attack that works, they give up and take the fight elsewhere. I have learned in this battle, that satan can do nothing to me that I do not give him permission to do. I STILL SEE! Satan tried to attack my left eye, but I am claiming in the name of Jesus that I am COMPLETELY healed! He then tried to attack my other eye with a stroke, (as well as the left side of my face, the left side of my mouth, my left arm, and my left leg,) BUT I STILL SEE, SPEAK, USE MY HANDS, AND WALK! For every lying symptom he tried to put on me, I refused it and called him a liar and the father thereof! I firmly believe that it is only a matter of time before I am completely healed, and have no more lying symptoms. Satan is beginning to realize that he is simply wasting his time, troops, and energy, fighting me, for nothing works!



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