Techengineer11 #racist

Sounds like you may be insinuating that during the day of Walt Disney, Disney was an outstanding platform for producing and promoting wholesome family values; however, after Walt’s death Diseny was bought by a group that was not so interested in promoting family values but was actually more intersted in the destruction of the traditional Christian paradigm of the family unit.

And out of mere coincidence these Christian hating individuals just happen to all have banking connections and all happen to be Jewish?

Why would Jews be interested in destroying the Family unit? Wasn’t that one Karl Marx’s goals in his Communist Manifesto? Was Marx Jewish too?

I think that you may be onto something…

Is it possible that the average Chrisitan American could take their noses out of their butts long enough to observe the truth concerning their environment? Or are they simply content becoming sheep for the slaughter?



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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