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I have noticed in twenty plus years of exorcism and healing ministry many hundreds have shared stories of being assaulted with sex spirits. We have seen some incredible victories in dealing with these kinds of spirits. We have had our share of cases where we were not able to see them fully delivered but in most cases we witnessed them being relieved of this kind of demonic torment.

Known as Incubus (dealt with this spirit last night within a hurting individual) and Succubus, these spirits are known to manifest physically, at times, however, they can enter into invisible forms also. These are not the only kind of sex spirits though. They are spirits called, masterbation, fornication, sodomy, homosexuality, lesbanism, sexual bondage, cyber sex, phone sex, necrophilia, etc.

Sexual spirits need to be dealt with--in dealing with any sins of the flesh---the apostle Paul encourages saints to "put to death" the earthly fleshly desires--you must kill it. Remove the ponography, sever relationships that lead to impurity, and directly put to death those impure thoughts. Sexuality immorality is rampant and we must fight. We are God's holy people. We must walk in the Spirit as to not walk in the flesh.

Then after repentance of impurity, the renewing of the mind, I would encourage deliverance from these entities. There are spiritual weapons that men and women can utilize to fight off these sex spirits--Word of God, place portions of it in your undergarments if they are raping you (this may sound strange but it often works), place holy water on affected body areas, utilize sacred oil also. Fill your room with holy worship music & the blood of Jesus, place conscreated crosses over your living areas, areas where the attacks occur.



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