2/17 Air Cav #fundie thisainthell.us

You know, there is a mountain of stuff that was written about gays in the military that was 100% against their serving. You name it and someone wrote it or said it. Hell, just the fact that the psychiatric club regarded being gay as a mental illness was sufficient to be against gays in the military. That view changed but, still, gays were not permitted in the military. Some were flighty and swishy. Others were going to have hard-ons in the bay showers. You name it. So, now, that’s all behind us. Gays are welcome and it is taboo to disparage men who screw other men in the ass. It’s the new normal. Well, recent history is repeating itself, only this time around it’s transgenders and this time around there is little debate. Next will be dog boinkers, I guess. After all, if the dog screwer can do his job, what difference does it make? It’s all good. So, jump on board the transformation train. It cannot be stopped now anyway.



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