Bible Gender Roles #sexist

On the other hand while it is not a sin for a woman to go college or university or to work it is a sin for decide she does not want to marry or have children unless God has called her to a celibate life in service to him.

God does not give either men or women a third option to live a selfish life without marriage so that we can serve our own selfish ambitions. We either serve God in our celibacy or we serve God by serving our family in marriage.

So as a woman – you must ask yourself. Is my pursuit of an education simply because I am waiting on a husband? Is my working simply to help my family? Or am I selfishly ambitious to where I care not about the debt I will saddle on my future husband by educational hobbies? If I am working am I do so just to help my family or I am looking to build a career which cause me difficulty in caring for my future husband, my future children or my future home? In other words I am willing to give it all up to be the keeper of my home when God brings me the right man?

If you can answer those questions with a pure intent and not selfish ambition then there is no sin in these things. But if your honest answers are that you are being selfishly ambitious knowing that your ambitions could lead to future conflict and neglect of your marriage and family then need to reevaluate what you are doing.



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