sidjames #racist

A success story is great. Now reality: the fact remains that Hispanics in the US have an average IQ of 85, one standard deviation lower than whites, and equal to blacks. That means that they will not make it here ever without public assistance, they will never pull their waight as citizens, as they do not have a tax liability (statistically only whites and asians pay Fed income taxes). After one generation Hispanics are not the hard working folk like their illigal fathers were, but closer to the values and attitudes of blacks (go to east LA or East Harlem and just look). In NYC the only immigrant group that can't make it go right amongst all the ethnicities is Hispanics, very few ever can create a business. It's take, take, take. 1 in 4 hispanics kids in our school system is special ed due to IQ, that is $200.00 per day per child to educate them. Visit Rikers Island prison and just look, it will tell you all you need to know.



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