ChemwatcherRidgwayCO #conspiracy

Massive and nonstop spraying going on daily. Everything from horizon to horizon trails to the little short ones. No one has any clue and thinks these incredibly warm days are just great. This morning with just the right filtered sun I can see the long chemwebs falling. They are everywhere! Sticking to everything!!!! We are screwed. I have given up trying to wake people up in my circles…. No one wants to hear it and ruin their fake little party. Temps are WAY above normal. We usually average 10-20% higher than forcasted. It is always "high near 60" and we get 67. Or "high near 58" and we get 65. Just wait! This weekend is forecasted for a "high near 70"! Can you say 80!?! Since when was a forecast for "a high NEAR a temp"? Makes one think the temp will be lower than the forecast. Tricky weather bastards….



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