Gary John #racist

...Cheap third world labour and cheap non-White votes
Forebears forgotten for more vice-stained notes
Their White lives matter, their masters even more
Choose me! Choose me! barks the Zio-leashed whore

“Our borders are open, c’mon, pour on in!”
The Leftists will beckon, their handlers just grin
White guilt, compassion and kindness abound
Non-Whites yell “Suckers!”, but you won’t hear a sound

Blessed with these virtues, for better or for worse
Self-sacrifice is now a White man’s curse
Will non-Whites respond? It’s not do or not don’t
But what if they can’t? Or what if they won’t?

Long-suppressed grievances theyve dragged along<
“Hey raysiss honkey, you did us some wrong!”
While funding their every wish, want and need
Loyal to their own, they breed— and they breed

Obsessed with caring and fairness and justice
Exploited to death by those dwelling amongst us
Were we allowed to vote on immigration?
Posterity betrayed in a nation of nations!

We slowly evolved a once useful mentality
By building societies on trust and morality
Non-White cultures were more kinship-based
They fight to survive while we’re gladly replaced

My God! We're willing to give up the majority!
And pretend we’ll be stronger as a minority!
Diversity will mean there’ll be fewer Whites!
But the ignorant reply, “It’s just skin colour, right?

“It’s natural, different birds will build different nests
An eagle or a sparrow. It’s not worst or not best.
“But surely different birds can build the same home?"
“Did Black men build Athens? Did Arabs build Rome?"

(It just goes on like this)



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