sharonsm #conspiracy

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If I was to snap my fingers and have all the human bodies just disappear only to leave what is inside, you would be horrified at some of the 'beings' that are taking residents in those people. They are the spirits that God cursed to 'roam the earth'..the fallen angels that Genesis has written about..that 'come to earth and interbred with the human women'.

This also connects to those people that have claimed for many years that their are 'other beings' other than what is here on earth. They don't seem so 'weird' now do they?? Even the government is close to disclosing this information and just went before congress to have it opened up to the people!!

What I am trying to say here is that EVERY act that is committed against God takes another soul into bondage and unless they call out to be freed by God, they will be lost. Just look at the world today and tell me that there is nothing going on out there..that you haven't said 'what is wrong with the people out there'.

Next Time someone commits an horrendous act like the guy found 'eating someone's face off' and says that voices told him to do it, don't be so sure that he is lying or believe that he was on 'drugs'. There is sooooooo much that people aren't aware of and that is what is keeping them in chains



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