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Don't believe what I said about Secular Humanism being a religion? Read the 1960 SCOTUS decision, Torcaso v. Watkins. This ruling declared Secular Humanism a religion. To sidestep Secular Humanism's religious status, it's referred to as Multiculturalism, Social Justice, Globalism and a host of other terms too numerous to mention. As for Islamic and Hindu prayers, those shouldn't be allowed if Christian prayers aren't allowed. Like I said before, keep all religion out of public schools and focus on the Three "R's". Just as there are Jewish and Christian schools, Hindus and Muslims are free to open their own schools. Like it or not, public schools are parochial schools for the implementation of the Secular Humanism religion. I went to Detroit public schools, but I'm not dumb. You see, the attempt to dumb me down, FAILED.

[There is no such thing as atheist religion. We don't belong to an organized group that has shared beliefs. We simply don't believe in supernatural deities. As for the court case you refer to.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torcaso_v._Watkins You may be misinformed.]

I suggest you go to www.conservapedia.com, click on the link, "Atheism Is a Religion". Secularists are so quick to point out treachery done by "Christians", but at Conservapedia, there's extensive documentation of treachery done by non-theists to be found there. I'm not saying that you're among them, but like it or not it's reality. Numbers 32:23.



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