The "Most Likely to be Convicted of a Felony" Award

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I live in a university town that's overrun with young girls. Here are my observations.

First, while any young man arguably loves seeing naked women, the pleasure gained from looking at naked or semi-naked women can be negated entirely by the context. What I mean by context, is the only time it's enjoyable looking at promiscuously dressed women, is if you can have them on the spot. So if a woman is a hooker or a stripper, then it's enjoyable to watch them. However, if a woman is completely unattainable, then it's mentally and physically unpleasant to look at promiscuous women. Women, out of respect for men, should dress in a way that doesn't excite men. A woman dressing provocatively and leaving a man in an unfinished state of excitement is the equivalent of a man dressing in such a way that causes a woman to have a sudden onset period. Simply put dressing provocatively and then suppressing male urges is an assault on men's sexuality.

Second, how a woman dresses directly affects a man's desires. As you can imagine, my university town, Berkeley California, is one big liberalized hypersexual runway show. I'm forced to stare at hundreds if not thousands of women a day, all of whom bring sluttiness to all new pinnacle. But in this sea of flesh, I'm sometimes struck by an anomaly. Seeing as Berkeley is also a multi-cultural haven, I sometimes have the pleasure of being startled by the sight of conservative muslim and Indian women. It's in these sightings that I've discovered something about my own human nature.

I've discovered only my base urges are awakened when I see sluts. It's as though I'm operating on autopilot and anything short of sex, goes off the radar. Simply put, I cannot on a primal level get passed my sexual urges when looking at sluts. I can argue with myself intellectually all I want, but ultimately my actions will be dictated by primal urges. So I'm only able to view sluts as sexual objects. This means as far as actions go, that at best I just want to exploit them for casual sex and at worst I want to rape them.

Yet when I see conservative, modestly dressed muslim and Indian women, I'm amazed by how different I feel towards them. The only thing I want to do is help them. Yet the only thing I want to do to a slut is rape them. These muslim and Indian women are very beautiful, so it's not as though I'm not attracted to them. It's just that dress codes in both sluts and modest women operate as agents for activating different hardwired impulses in my psyche. If I extrapolate this observation to society, I think it's easy to see why in a slut society women will be more prey to rape. And why in a modestly dressed society, women will be protected, helped and nurtured. Simply put, dressing like sluts brings out murders, rapists and sadists in men. Dressing modestly brings out knights in shining armor. A society based on sluts, might as well be a pro-rapist society.



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