Kevin Barrett #conspiracy

When I heard there had been a shooting in Copenhagen, my first reaction was:

“Let’s see if this follows the script: They’ll claim it was Muslims attacking Jews or free speech. The patsies will be ‘well known to the authorities’ – meaning informants or useful idiots who have been manipulated by professionals. The patsies will have some kind of link to Islamic State, the bogeyman created by Israel and its friends in Western intelligence agencies. There will be dubiously-related shootings at two separate locations, like with Merah and Charlie Hebdo. The shooters will be wearing masks, because they will be special forces professionals, not the Muslim patsies. They’ll shoot the patsies instead of arresting them to make sure the loose ends don’t come unraveled. And Netanyahu will immediately call for Jews to flee to Israel – and then barge into Copenhagen uninvited, like a mobster at his victim’s funeral, conveying the message ‘I did it, and I dare you to do something about it.'”

So far, I’ve been right on all counts but one: Netanyahu has not yet made an uninvited visit to Copenhagen.

How did I know exactly what was coming? Am I such a brilliant terror analyst? Maybe even psychic?

Not really. The credit shouldn’t go to me, but to Bibi and his band of Gladio B false-flaggers. These guys just keep reading from the same script.

They say it’s a different play – but it’s not just the same script, it’s the same stage furniture, same characters, same actors, same director, and same…er…”producers.”

Yes, it’s definitely “springtime for Hitler”… in more ways than one. The Zionist producers, led by Zero Mostel in the role of Sheldon Adelson, have brought us another Hitler – another “enemy of humanity = enemy of the Jews.” It’s that EVIL MUSLIM BOGEYMAN, ladies and gentlemen! Pretty soon they’ll be painting Hitler moustaches on their black ski masks.



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