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no, considering how clueless you are when it comes to understanding God's truths and teachings found in His Word, the Bible such as you believing He would encourage abortion, I simply stated how it would be in your best interest so you would stop making yourself look so ignorant in these matters to refer to some solid Bible commentaries before you respond. By the way that is what most true Christians do before we respond, oh but that's right you just pretended to be a true Christian before and perhaps you could care less what God's Word, the Bible really means. And you have yet to prove maggie was not big on abortion when it came to poor minority members in our nation. Plus, please stay on topic, we are talking about the fact that many women are lied to by pro-abortionists like yourself and pp into believing abortion is their best option and in fact abortion mills may not even mention the adoption option. But if these women were made aware that their child could be put up for adoption, they may very well change their mind and not go through with the abortion and choose adoption instead. Now do you get it??



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