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I like to listen to scary stories on YouTube in the background while working at the computer. I prefer the paranormal stuff with ghosts and the like even though I'm not really a believer. I just like the chills that some of those stories give me. Sadly most of the content I listen to is mixed with too many real life stories from the "Let's Not Meet" subreddit which mostly has to do with men harassing and hurting women and children.

All those kind of stories do for me is infuriate me and fuel my hatred for the male of the species. Unlike being spooked when listening to stories about ghostly apparitions, it's not at all pleasant or enjoyable to hear about all the ways real human males torment women. It's gotten to the point where I just fastforward through any story heading in that direction because I just couldn't stand the anger and often rage I felt hearing about these encounters and how women are targeted just for their sex, their biological reality, and only because some freakish male couldn't control his dick.

It pisses me off just thinking about what women go through because of men and how we're just expected to put up with it. I wish somehow all women became physically stronger than all men, just any kind of advantage that would put men in their place and put an end to rape permanently.



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