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(In regards to an article posted entitled "The Islamization of Oslo", replying to another member who said, in part, "Many of these stories I have found to be exaggerations. This one repeats itself a lot.")

Wow, anyone who has gone [to Sweden] or reads knows about it and written about it. Sweden is gone and has been for years. Read what Bruce Bauer says about it and this was years ago. All of Europe and Scandinavia has entire pockets taken over by Muslims...where sharia law is now the law and police and fire are endangered going into the area.

My friend and her husband went to France over the summer and were warned not to go to certain areas.

German women say they no longer feel safe...but it has been that way for a long time throughout.

Go look at some of the pictures on line...but I don't know if you will because you refuse to look at some sites so it is no wonder you didn't know about this...because MSM does not want to report this. Why? Because people then wouldn't want Muslims coming here.

Everywhere Muslims are and there are enough, they take over.

This is historical. They have done this since their existence.

If you look at pictures you see cars on fire, etc. they are raising hell and they are taking over more and more areas...multiplying like rabbits.




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