CasaPound #fundie

[A blogger takes a tour of an Italian racist organization called CasaPound, which owns a pub (and other properties).]

I asked Sébastien [his guide] what he would do if a gang of Africans appeared at the door. CasaPound is a legal organization, so they technically cannot discriminate against any group. He said that occasionally, when a black person shows up and asks for a drink, they wordlessly give him a tiny plastic to-go cup and wait for him to leave. Apparently, that has worked so far as most non-Europeans know the pub belongs to them and voluntarily do not bother trying to get in. [...] I asked what would happen if antifa tried entering the bar. Sébastien explained that if someone steps into that pub and slanders Mussolini, they're getting smacked across the face and being made to clean the bathroom.


CasaPound has flown out to Kosovo to defend citizens against American backed rebels and to South Africa to defend Boer farmers against blacks.


A girl was sitting on a couch in the corner reading a book. Sébastien explained that she was "doing her homework," which meant catching up on fascist literature assigned by the senior members. If she didn't do the assignment, the other members would know because when they return to headquarters, they are quizzed on what they were supposed to read. If men fail to answer questions related to the assigned literature, they must get down on the floor and do push-ups.



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