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Are You Taking God's Name in Vain?

You say, "Well, my word! I wouldn't take God's name in vain!" You just did! John 1:1 says that "the Word" was GOD! Satan tricked you, didn't he? You need to CONFESS to God that you've been taking His name in vain, and you need to REPENT of this sin!

"Well, my goodness!", you say. If you are saved then your "goodness" is none other than God Himself (Psalm 144:2). You just took His name in vain again. You have no goodness of your own (Isa. 64:6; Rom. 3:23; Psa. 39:5), so "my goodness" is a reference to God!

"Good grief! I had no idea!" There you go again! Jesus Christ was a man of sorrows and acquainted with GRIEF (Isa. 53:3). His grief was "good" grief because He bore your sins. You should show more reverence and respect for your Saviour and quit throwing God's word around too loosely.

"For crying out loud! Can't I say anything?" How about reading your Bible for a change?! Matthew 27:46 says that when your Saviour was suffering on the cross He "cried with a loud voice." What's your logic in using such speech? Could it be that Satan is just having a good laugh at your ignorance and disrespect of God's word?

"Well, geeeeeeee!" Did you say "G", as in "GOD"? Yes, you certainly did! You've also said "Gosh" and "Good Golly"! You've also said "Jeepers Creepers" when you really wanted to say "Jesus Christ" (JC!). You've also played around with the letters "G" and "D" together. You said "dad gum" and "dog gone" when you really wanted to say "God" and then follow with the word "damn". Think about it, Christian! Is God pleased with this kind of speech?

Those Four-Letter Words!

You probably wouldn't think of using the word "damn" too loosely, but what about "darn" and "dang"? Do they not serve the same purpose? Is Satan not pleased to fill your mouth with such speech?

"Why, heck!" Look out there! God knows your heart, and he knows you really wanted to say "hell".

Down south folks say, "Ah, shoot!" This is nothing more than a cheap way of saying "s " Again I ask, is God pleased with this sort of speech? Is this "sound speech, that cannot be condemned"? I think not!



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