BlessdMomUv5 #fundie

I saw a news story (can't remember where) that said an agnostic said this experience (surviving the LV horror) made him take notice that God is real and he is thankful to God he lived. That's how I pray these tragedies are used for good; turn people to God, then the next step see salvation. I think it's interesting how even with forewarning hurricane Irma ended up hitting paths that people thought they were escaping to!

With LV they keep saying they couldn't have prevented this. People were out in the open, vulnerable. God is saying lean not on yourselves; seek Me! Is anyone listening? How much will it take to wake people? How much more sorrow can the awoken believers in us handle? I felt just a deep, dark sadness yesterday and still do today. How can people be so obstinate and not see these judgments for what they are? How much more can our hearts take? I've just been crying out to God, please, please gather the last souls...



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