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43 years ago I sought spiritual healing from the Great White Brotherhood for my dying father. The doctors had given up on him and his miraculous healing led to think this brotherhood was of God. Three years later as an Outer Brother I was invited to the groups UK headquarters for a pre-initiation test for Inner Brotherhood.

During this test the founder was transfigured by a satanic spirit snake that was reaching out to touch my forehead. Although frozen with fear I mentally called out to God (in whom I then disbelieved) to come and save me. Miraculously He did and I never went back to the group. But first I had to last out the week’s Retreat I was on.

Amazingly confirmation of the transfiguration came with the first lesson next morning. We were taught (I closed my mind to the lesson) how by deep meditation we could bring alive the spirit snake that lies dormant at the base of all our spines. When this happens, we were told, it crawls up our spine to our head where it develops wings to carry our soul to Heaven!!!

This spirit snake we were told was called the Kundalini of Yoga and the physical exercises of Yoga were part of the spiritual purpose to bring the snake alive. At that time I had no idea of what Yoga was about and had never heard of the Kundalini.

Thus I can give living testimony of what the exorcist warns about. The spirit snake doesn’t go to Heaven it lies in wait within the medium until a victim is lulled into a sense of false security when it is able to transfigure the medium and strike out to enslave a soul for eternity with the Devil.

Anyone interested can access my 6 short videos about my experiences which confirm in greater detail what I say above.



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