Anna Diehl #fundie

Of course all of these theories are based on a refusal to accept that God could find true delight in torturing people. Well, tough. HE DOES. Are we really so arrogant that we think we can define who God must be, or that we can change truths about Him simply because we don’t like them? If our Creator gets high off of torturing His enemies for eternity—which He clearly does—then we need to face this fact square on and ask the Holy Spirit to help us deal with it. We can’t let the fact that we don’t like something stop us from facing reality. GOD defines reality, not us. He clearly likes Hell, and He finds the activities in it so satisfying that He even showcases them to the inhabitants of Heaven. A disturbing idea, yes, and yet what does it teach us about God’s Character? What does it teach us about the purpose of Him bringing us to Heaven? Obviously Heaven is not just about us having fun, but it is about glorifying God and His methods—ALL of His methods. We praise Him for His generosity in giving us eternal blessings that we never did a thing to deserve, and at the same time we soberly observe what happened to those who refused to submit to Jesus.



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