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[topic: The demons which torment me]

I have fasted 2 1/2 days over this and I couldn't get them to leave. I believe that the enemy can read our minds. The ones in me react instantly to my thoughts. Also, what about those people who can read other people's minds? It's demonic I know, but that's also evidence that demons can read our minds. Yes the demons place emotions/thoughts into my mind. I have to refuse to give in to them. I ask the Lord to torment them with hellfire and they stop immediately...if they don't, I continue to attack them...then they finally stop. Also, if they couldn't read our minds, then how are they able to interact with me in my dreams when I argue with them, ect.

I just thank God that I have the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart. I can't imagine being unsaved and dying and going to hell being tormented forever by eternal fire and demons. This should motivate us to witness and tell others about Jesus.



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