Chris Stewart #fundie

My second grader attends a local Christian school. For "movie time", they planned to screen Tarzan, the animated movie. Although I have not seen it, I had a glimpse of it from a free version of a computer video game. The character almost exclusively moves in sensual ways and is very scantily dressed. My objections were countered with "but it's TARZAN; of course he wears only a loin cloth...". But, if a man (un)dressed like a male erotic dancer were to come to my door and ask permission to entertain my 7 y/o daughter by jumping, crouching, and running in front of her for an hour and a half, does anyone think I would say yes? I appreciate your movie review. It is quite deep and I'm certain quite valid. I guess in this case, I'm not that profound. All I cans see from my perspective is that it desensitizes children to lewdness, nudeness and lasciviousness.



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