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Romance is whatever will get a man laid.[1]

Women's expectations of romance

TornadoByProxy notes:[2]

Women want the emotional jolt from romantic movies but not all that faggy bullshit in real life.

Men want the emotional jolt from horror films but not all that murder and blood in real life.

Do you see the similarities?

Khan notes, "One of these tricks women often play is the notion of romance. Sure, they say they want romance. But they only want romance from men who sexually arouse them in the first place. Betas fall for this trap and believe they have to be nice to women in order to get laid - a type of behavior women find sexually repulsive, which a lot of us have learned the hard way - and thus weed themselves out of the game in favor of alphas."[3]

Man as true romantics

It is often said that men are the true romantics. Mage writes:[4]

[N]otice how there are almost no songs in modern times where a woman proclaims her undying love for a man. Most songs with a female singer today are about girrl power, how she needs no man and get some dude to pay hard for his cheating/lying/looking at other woman/not being perfect/just being a bore.

There are plenty of songs where a male singer proclaims his undying love and willingness to self sacrifice for a woman while deifying her . . . .

To answer the question generally why men are the romantic sex - it's because men like to follow ideals. Not all men but many men have ideals about family life too and would like to have a house, a good wife and children. For other men political ideals are more important for other men the religious or scientific thoughts are more exciting, but generally most non-degenerate men will have some ideals in some or multiple areas of life that they fight for. and take pride of being warriors for this ideal.

For women generally no ideals are important they act based on combination on their procreation instinct, survival instinct and current social norms. This makes them more adaptable, shallow and treacherous. They are also given bigger rationalization powers to keep themselves and others in denial about their nature at expense of an ability to retrospect and understand themselves.

Disco_Volante notes, "Women are passive, men initiate and must run the seduction process. Creating attraction, knowing what her 'mood' is, etc.. Women control sex and only react to attractive behaviors, that's why men have to put in so much work to 'figure it out', whereas women are passive and don't really have to do anything."[5]



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