Perry #fundie

We should practice polygyny for several reasons. One reason is to bring down the socialist system that has taken hold of the world. Christians should take care of their own and every one should be plugged into a family. Especially women. Women need a husband or a father. When there are less single women out there, there is less big government. Sound marriage and family principles work against big government.
We need to work towards building a society in which we don't need nursing homes and social security because we should take care of our own and not rely on the government. We should have a society in which there are no single moms because children need a father. Have you read the statistics for the differences in crimes committed by children of single mothers versus children that have fathers?
We should practice polygyny because family is one of the greatest blessings that God has given us.
Romance came from Rome, hence the name Roman-ce. Romance is deadly to family because it is a form of self idolatry and sets unreasonable standards and leads to divorce. We should practice polygamy because it is anti-romantic and pro-selflessness.



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