Hugh Lincoln #racist

[In a thread titled "Don't Want Kids? Sorry, It's Your Duty"]

Mexicans NEVER stop to think about whether financially they can have kids. They just DO. Same with nigs. This is one area where I think our "responsible" nature as whites is killing us. We need to act like Mexicans when it comes to breeding. Mexicans pop out kids when the only thing left to eat is a taco shell. Really, I think this one's a matter of mind over matter. There are white families with TONS of kids, and dad's a truck driver and mom's a hair salon worker.

I will try to coin a new term: The Willfully Childless White Couple. Or WCWC. WCWC's have lots of excuses, but few are very good (I am excluding couples who can't, biologically, have children).

I would tax these couples in my white nationalist government. The two of you, as a unit, would have to pay double the tax rate everyone else pays. That tax would be set aside or put into a general fund for state-sponsored, all-white daycare, or whatever else supported white families.
Life to Whites



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