Donald Campbell #fundie

First, I didn’t know the situation in Australia had devolved to a point that anyone actually feared introduction to Sharia. Australia is a civilized, modern nation-state; I suggest developing their own nuclear arsenal. I’m sure Israel will help with their technology.
Indeed multiculturalism is racist in the sense that multiculturalist uniformly hate white people. I don’t know the reference to VD; however, sure some traits are inherited, but don’t generalize this to racial traits. I am descended from Scots, and I have the Y-chromosome to prove it; however, the largest ‘racial mix’ of my DNA is certainly Polish (1/4), and I have more Native American blood than Elizabeth Warren. If the chore of writing about “my culture” was required, it would probably be about moonshine and keeping ahead of the ‘revenuers’.
Of course, the whole thrust of multiculturalism is to ‘divide and conquer’. If we all thought of ourselves as ‘Americans’, sharing a common heritage, language and customs, then it would be more difficult to create divisions to tear us apart.



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