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[This is in response to Frazier Glenn Miller, the suspected perpetrator of the anti-Semitic shootings in Kansas.]

I don't take anything at face value, especially where kikes or kwaps are involved. Label me a CT kook if you like, but I really believe there's more to this than we know.

Miller just up and disappears for several hours ("drunk at a casino" -- yeah, that's believableimage) and then appears out of nowhere, in another state, asking people if they're Jews before shooting them..? Hell it fuckin' even sounds ridiculous.

ZOG just got publicly humiliated in Nevada by white civilians with guns. Izzy needed a patsy and he found one in Miller. So fuck it, call me whatever you want, but I am accusing ZOG and it's spooks of loading Rounder up with psychotic meds and turning him loose to kill someone. The American government is scum, and I don't believe one fucking word that any of their reptile minions say, ever.



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