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think that this is just the latest attack on our President by the left. The outrage we keep hearing about is part of the talking points to undermine our nation and our President. The left is pinning their hopes on this latest "outrage" and when it fails, and I hope it does, there will be something else to follow this. The attacks won't stop until the left is in power again, in a position where they can continue to lawlessly degrade and destroy our nation.

None of the kids separated from their parents, nor their parents should be in our country in the first place. That their basic necessities are being provided for by our taxpayers is a generous kindness. We need a good border wall to make it more difficult for people to illegally enter our country in the first place. If our border is successfully closed, maybe those who in the past might try to make it to the USA in violation of our laws will instead fight to make their own countries a better place.



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