Matt Walsh #fundie

In Medieval times, if some heretic produced a stage play along the lines of what so often comes out of Hollywood or the recording industry, he would have been swarmed by a furious mob and thrown in the stocks or stoned to death in the street. Christian societies believed that nobody had a right or a privilege to insult God. They treated the crime of blasphemy like we treat treason. Only instead of betraying our country, you are betraying our God, and that was the highest crime of all.

I'm not suggesting we adopt those old school techniques [...] but we should feel the same fury deep inside us. The same indignation. The same primal anger that would be provoked if someone personally demeaned our mothers or our spouses. The same dogmatic and consuming zeal that Jesus felt when he committed what would now be considered first-degree assault against the money changers in the Temple.


Other groups and their false gods are not savagely insulted as a form of mainstream entertainment, because they will not stand for it. Granted, the manner in which they refuse to stand for it can often be evil, and besides, their protests aren't as legitimate to begin with because their beliefs aren't true. Even if "Zoolander 2" makes fun of "transgenders", that's not nearly as outrageous as making fun of Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is Lord whereas "transgenderism" is a silly, absurd, perverse charade.


Tolerance. Horrible, shameful tolerance. Enough of that. These days, tolerance is for the weak.

I think it's about time for some determined, decisive, glorious intolerance.



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