To Hell in a Handbasket & mI69 #conspiracy

don’t get me wrong. I’m rooting for the hackers, but like Assange did and many others including myself, we all made the mistake of overestimating the collective intelligence of the plebs.

When Assange released the Podesta files, I personally thought Killary was finished. All the evidence was there. The fact is a Taylor Swift song will get over a 2 billion views and what ratio of the worlds plebs ACTUALLY READS WIKILEAKS?

It must be intrinsically understood, despite our own self-perception, that those of us who comment on ZH, are the equivalent of “political geeks”.

If you shout out Vault 7, inside the stadium hosting the Super Bowl, without the dummies Googling, what ratio of hands would go up? The reality is TPTB Can spin any subsequent release of these files as lies, or fake news and the plebs will buy it.
And Killary and the rest of them continue on vacations , without a care in the world, Sowill anyone implicated in these files , The truth may be out , but not a single person will do a minute of time for it, When the deepstate own the justice system, you just cannot win! Proven time and time again!



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