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(Commenting on an article posted entitled "Kavanaugh 2017: Roe Was Part of a Tide of “Freewheeling Judicial Creation Of Unenumerated Rights” https://hotair.com/archives/2018/07/12/kavanaugh-2017-roe-part-tide-freewheeling-judicial-creation-unenumerated-rights-unrooted-american-tradition/);

***** It is all so simple . Men want to make this hard and complicated and confuse these issues. IT's as Simple as this. If the baby is human from its conception then its rights come from God. And Gods doesn't want its life to end. Most of us agree that a baby is human since it can only be conceived by another human with human sperm and egg cells. Those who want to allow abortion twist the words and meanings. However God also created conscience and most women who destroy their babies for whatever reason they deem necessary at the time suffer from conscience of doing so at some time in their life. The obvious evidence should not be ignored and Congress should take up the issue to define it once and for all, but the issue is so confused in society that most men fear. Fear doesn't come from God.



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