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A question was asked of me that I was unable to answer and I am wondering if someone on here can help me. I was talking to someone close to me, of prophecy in the bible and how historically, nations who have sheltered the Jews have thrived, but those nations who have abused them suffered eventually. As an example, the British were supposed to protect the interests of the Jews in palestine when setting up their homeland, but sold out most of the land for oil, so that now, the Jews only hold a tiny part of what they should have. Consequently, the British empire has gone the way of many in the past. The question I was asked was, if this is so, why is Germany, who nigh on wiped the Jews from the face of the earth, prospering as she does. It would appear Germany lost the war but won the battle. I know God's will, will be done and Gen 12:3 stands as true to day and forever as it always has. It would appear that in times past retribution was fairly quick but Germany does appear to be calling the shots in Europe today.



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