Nick Ricci #fundie

Nobody wants to hear this, but the author is right. Simple minded atheists are going to flock to every article in the 'belief' section and try to peddle their monkey minded nothingness. Guess what. Atheists are nothing new. You've been around since before Jesus. No joke. Just 500 years ago Atheists were setting fire to churches, and killing priests, claiming allegiance to various hethan lords pagans or witches. Whatever . Setting fire they still wish they could do. And many 'Atheists' believe in 'vibes' and all kinds of pagan monkey business. Anyway, hate and violence is a disease. And the biggest atheists of the Modern era were some of the sickets. Pol Pot, banned religion. Killed 2 million in concentration camps. Mao tried to ban religion, Stalin tried to ban religion, Hitler etc. All started off as Religious people, who grew to hate religion, tried to ban it, and ultimately became mass murderers on the scale of millions – in Pol Pot and Hitlers case, killing especially those who opposed their brand of Atheist and in Hitler's case slightly mystic pagan 'beliefs'. So I don't want to hear about the crusades, where like 489 people were killed. Give it a rest pagans. Yours is the true evil, by count.

Men of science are men of science. God and science are not mutually exclusive. Unless there is one among you that can cure cancer, or outlive the sun? Let's go ahead and keep science, science. And leave religion to the unknown.

Of course, unless you are a monkey. Then by all means, believe in nothing but the dirt you eat.



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