Anna Diehl #fundie

As a human, you naturally disapprove of a lot of what God does in this world. You disapprove of it so much that you try to pretend that God has nothing to do with it—at least that’s what the Church tells you to do. Well, God doesn’t want you to like everything that He does. In fact, He is going to intentionally rub your face in a lot of the stuff He does that you hate in order to give you the opportunity to practice submission.

Of all the soul attitudes that God wants you to develop, submission is one of the most important ones. Submission is the correct soul response to the fact that God is the Supreme Authority over all things. Submission acknowledges this unchangeable truth, and then says, “I yield to You as the Supreme Authority that You are.” It is submission which results in prayers like, “Not my will but Yours be done,” and “Pleasing You is more important than pleasing Myself.” It is by cultivating submission that we come to realize that God’s opinion really is the only one that matters. Submission is vital, and it is the total opposite of trying to get God to conform to our preferences.



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