GretchenThomas #conspiracy

The "STOP TOXIC CLIMATE ENGINEERING" banner deployed on my front porch is holding its own against the climate engineers' wind machine. The toxic chemical ice nucleated engineered cool down hangs bright white in the air in Northwest Ohio, obliterating the sun and stars from view, while the horizon to horizon nano-particulate trails appear less often, accompanied by rising temperatures and preceding weather systems. It rains often, sometimes so fine its barely visible and other times in a deluge or for days at a time. It "snowed" a couple inches in early October at nearly 38°F which lingered anomalously for days despite warmer temperatures, and seemed to evaporate more than melt.

When giving someone a flyer or a booklet I ask them to do their own research like I did eight years ago, and decide what's the right thing to do; speak up, help raise awareness and do their part, or pretend its not happening like our government and remain silent. Thank you to all my fellow weather warriors out there for doing your part in exposing the climate engineering insanity.



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