Shadowdancer Duskstar / Cutelildrow #racist

The narrative also likes to pretend that slavery didn’t exist anywhere else. Ever. In human history. Didn’t happen ‘ever’ in the ‘enlightened eras of Greece, or Rome or Egypt’, that the Amerinds never practiced it, that the Africans didn’t practice it, the Chinese didn’t, nor the Indians, or the Japanese, or Vikings, or Celts, or ANY OTHER CULTURE and YOU LIE!!111 about Arabs/Muslims practicing it now. (But of course, the Jews practiced it and yes, Christians did and that’s why they’re evilbadmustbedestroyed.)

And ‘happiness in slavery’? BUT THAT CANNOT BE!!! (Never mind that there were people who did not mind their status of slave, because in those eras, it was possible for a slave to be a trusted servant, or an influencing teacher to the master’s children, and indeed would come to love the family they belonged to. They ‘don’t exist and you’re a bigot if you cite facts!’)

Okay, stopping there. This trying to think like a social justice zombie is making my head hurt and it’s likely to become very hot over here today.



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