Anna Diehl #fundie

But then there’s Jen. Jen’s protective father has warned her repeatedly not to strut around downtown with flashy jewelry and provocative clothing. He’s given her pepper spray to carry in her purse, and a sharp metal stick to carry on her key chain. One night Jen is going to meet up with some friends. As she looks over her outfit in the mirror, God convicts her that she’s not being wise. She’s wearing a super tight and super short skirt, a low cut shirt and some large, flashy jewelry. God convicts her that her outfit is going to attract the wrong kind of attention. He tells her to be more modest. Jen blows Him off. Then He tells her to bring the self-defense tools her father gave her because she’s going to a dangerous part of town. Jen scoffs. She doesn’t want to jam the pepper spray into her super tiny purse, and she doesn’t want to bulk up her keys with the clunky metal weapon. So she leaves it all at home and tells God that He’s big enough to keep her safe. The problem here is that Jen is not trusting God, she’s trying to control Him. She expects Him to shield her from all harm even though she is refusing to obey His convictions. When Jen gets downtown, she immediately attracts the attention of two men who are just looking for an easy victim. They force her into an alley and Jen goes down. [...] In Jen’s case, God arranged for her to be assaulted in order to motivate her to improve her attitude towards Him.



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