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[From <i>Stairway to Hell</i> Ch. 10, Rick Jones, 1988 Chick Publications]

I remember talking with a desperate boy who had played D & D for several years. Though it started as just a game, it didn't stay that way for long.

To progress in the game, he asked D & D "creatures" to help him win battles. He had no idea, but those creatures were literal demons. When he asked them to come to him and help him, he was unknowingly inviting actual demons into his body.

As he got deeper and deeper into the game, fear began to overtake him. He eventually caught on that he was into more than what he bargained for. It was then he decided to quit the "game."

When he started talking about quitting, he began hearing voices in his head. The demons inside him threatened to kill him if he stopped playing the game.

The last time I saw him, he admitted becoming posessed with demons through D & D. He also confessed that the demons now controlled his entire life. He was terrified! He feared that remaining in the game would lead to his death, and trying to get out would bring the same fate.

If only he had known all that before he let some of his friends persuade him to play D & D for the first time. Satan counted on his ignorance, and won.



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