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Fact: The promiscuous behavior of American women has caused a massive health epidemic. This health epidemic is even worse than the spread of HIV by anal sex among homosexuals. The extreme sexual promiscuity of American women is spreading cancer to large numbers of American men.

To address this health epidemic, drastic measures are required. Sex is still needed to propagate the human species. But unsafe sex could kill large numbers of both men and women. The solution is obvious: female circumcision.

America has proven that it can get behind a massive circumcision program. It proved this by circumcising almost every American male baby. So, with the proper education, America can do the same for women.

As Obama proved with Obamacare, every American has a right to good health. As he proved with provisions that give free birth control to women, everyone has a right to sex without risk of unwanted disease or pregnancy. Obamacare should not not only pay for, but mandate the circumcision of all female babies.



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