Steve Van Nattan #fundie

The man of sin will do miracles, but they will be a lie. That is the meaning of signs and wonders. He will counterfeit the miracles done by Jesus Christ during his ministry in Galilee and Judea. This is the known proof of Messiah when he returns to set up his Kingdom. But, the miracles of the Antichrist will all be a lie. This implies that they will be a hoax, or they will be empowered by other than God's power. You who stupidly believe in UFOs from another world are being suckered in by miracles and wonders that absolutely violate the revelation of God. He made it quite clear that we are alone before him in this universe. UFOs are simply a small taste of what may come when Satan starts messing with your mind if you are not a Bible believer.

There are ONLY TWO GROUPS IN THE WORLD NOW. Those who believe the truth as revealed in the Bible and in Christ Jesus, and those who will not receive it. Now, you say, "There are many people today that do not believe these lies about evolution and UFOs, but they are not Christians." That is right, and God will make sure they all believe in the most insane fantasies of Mother Goose, and the man of sin in particular. Thus........

If you are not a Bible believer, you will one day believe all of the religious and allegedly scientific myths and lies of the man of sin. This is because God WANTS you to. Not because God is mad at you, but he wants to make sure everyone who has refused the Gospel of Jesus Christ will make a perfect jerk of himself so that all humanity ends up in the same sorry state of affairs. This is your reward for rebellion. If you think you cannot be deluded by an act of God, then simply curse Jesus Christ, and you will be assured your little confrontation with a holy God. Pity you my friend.

God has done this before, and with deadly effects long ago in the days of Israel:

Why do corporate and political gatherings fuss and struggle and can decide nothing except when to have the next meeting? Maybe God is on the committee in the corner making sure the wise men create chaos.

There are no gray areas with God. Since you choose to reject Jesus Christ, God does not want you standing on the sidelines chattering about God and spirituality while, at the same time, rejecting his Son, Jesus. God shoves you into the pool so that you drown with all the other rebels. You may think this is a big mean God, right? Well, he has offered you salvation in Jesus Christ now, but you will have none of it. Fine, deal with the results and stop whining.

You see, Paul is not wringing his hands over the rebels. He is rejoicing over the ones, his friends, who have believed. They will be delivered from the wrath to come. So can you.

This also makes it very clear that God will, during the time of the ultimate test by the power of the man of sin, give HIS people the power to resist the coming one world religious monarchy man of sin. All others receive Strong Delusion so that they go 180 degrees in the opposite direction to worship Satan.


If you add anything to the teaching of the Word of God, or diminish or delete anything from the Word of God, you will become one of the deluded. May I suggest that this is rampant today in Christendom. The worst of this ongoing wickedness are the 200 new English Bibles since the year 1900. Virtually ALL of them add or remove truth from the Bible. The New International Version alone removes one of the names of Jesus Christ way over 1000 times. You better decide if you want to become one of the deluded drunks who bow to the Beast, for your funny bible with deletions is damning.



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