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(BONUS: This guy is himself an Indian immigrant)

This morning I had an interesting conversation with my wife on a subject that continues to confound me. We were discussing the predatory sexual behavior of Pakistanis in the UK and my wife was understandably appalled. She was also appalled when I told her that part of their motive was possibly shaped by a belief in the inherent inferiority of non Muslim women. Jack Straw pointedly observed that Pakistani males preyed on underage white girls while their own women were strictly off limits.

While my wife was appalled by their behavior, she still couldn’t fathom what all the fuss was about. “Why not just remove them from Britain?” she earnestly asked. I informed her that deporting citizens was out of the question in any western country. Her next question was predictable precisely because it is so logical:

“In that case why not just ban Pakistani immigration to the UK?”

My wife is somewhat new to the West and has yet to be plugged into the Matrix of Politically Correct Liberal dementia. Ergo, she sees things with an elusive clarity that remains out of reach for so many whites. She suffers from this outlandish delusion that most countries in the world are ruled by a dominant (ethnic) majority that dictate culture, music, religion, and immigration policy.

In a past conversation we were discussing Jewish power in North America. As an Indian, the reality of a minority wielding disproportionate power wasn’t surprising to her in the least (think Brahmins and Parsis of India). She was however, perplexed as to why whites feared the dreaded ‘R’ word so much.

“Why should whites care about what others think? It’s their country after all”

“So you’re saying that Canada is a white country?” I asked.

“Isn’t that obvious?” She responded.

To outsiders, Canada is a white country just as China is a Chinese country and Saudi Arabia is an Arab country. Iran might be tolerant of Jews and Azeris, but it remains an unapologetic Persian nation. India has historically tolerated central Asian Muslims, Persian immigrants (Parsis), and Jews. However it has always been (and continues to be) an unapologetic Hindu nation, and there is nothing wrong with that. So why is it that the founding stock of the Anglosphere shy away from exerting their identity and religious heritage? Why are whites so feckless and wimpy? To outsiders like my wife, this sort of ethnic masochism is unhealthy and insane behavior.

If whites were only able to glimpse a reflection of their societies through the eyes of immigrants they would realize that Multiculturalism, Feminism, gay obsession, and Cultural Marxism amount to cultural suicide. My main motive for sharing these conversational snippets with my wife is to illustrate the left’s propensity to invert reality. Healthy is sick, Heritage is ‘socially constructed’ whereas deviant subcultures are normal (‘Born this way’), Diversity is strength ect…

If Westerners are to take back their nations, they need to first recover their eyesight.



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